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When I am not turning in my workshop, I am giving classes, demonstrations and hands on workshops in France and across the world. I am teaching woodturning in the Escoulen school in the south of France (Aiguines) both for beginners, advanced and professionals. I am also teaching texturing and woodburning, and my own work, carving and turning. I also teach classes in my own workshop, and for clubs and associations on a wide variety of topics, along with demonstrating for them. Amongst the clubs and associations I demonstrated for there is the TABP, tour d’Octavis, Willy Vanhoutte in Belgium, the Greater Vancouver Woodturners Guild, Cascade woodturning club… I also demonstrated for international symposium like the AFTAB symposium in Dax in 2019, the open day of the Escoulen school in 2018 and 2019, the AAW symposium in Raleigh in 2019, for Atelier d’Art de France…

Recently, I started giving interactive remote demonstrations for clubs and for individuals through I have several HD cameras in my workshop allowing me to show exactly what I want to show, giving you details and close-up of the tool, the textures… Those demonstrations are interactive, meaning that anybody attending can ask questions directly if they have a microphone, or in the chat if they want to type. I am doing demonstrations on a lot of different topics, including woodturning, carving, texturing, woodburning, painting… Some demonstrations are focused on techniques, like excentric or the use of a specific tool like the bedan, or on the step by step for a piece like a rift or a miniature teapot.

If you are interested in seeing some of those demonstrations or for a class or a workshop, please send me a message via the contact page of this website and subscribe to my newsletter.

For clubs in the US I am available any time of day (US time), my schedule is not dependent on the French Time zone, so you do not need to work around that.

Topics for demonstrations

Miniature teapots :

Turning of a miniature teapot (approximately an inch) using the bedan and demonstration on how to use it with the bevel up for spindle turning, hollowing of the teapot with miniature hollowing tols. Then turning of the lid and the spout (magnifiers not included) and coloring using Indian ink and gilding wax to create the Damascus steel effect. Finally, demonstration on how the make the handle using a wire and a cotton string on the lathe.

Drop for a Ploc! :

Turning and turning off-center of a drop using a spindle gouge and a skew. Then carving of the top of the drop using gouges and rasps to make it thinner and have two different curves on the back and the front giving it an illusion of movement. And finally, texturing of the drop using a woodburner to create a Steampunk design, a combination of gears and metal plates, and coloring using Indian ink and gilding wax.

The rifts :

In this demo I am going to show you how to turn a square piece of wood, held by hot glue on a piece of MDF. I will hollow this piece using a homemade tool, to be able to insert another piece with a different texture and create the illusion that the piece is torn in the center, revealing what is hidden inside. Then I am going to carve this piece using the Arbortech and make the piece look like a cloth. I will show you how I use carving gouges to complete the sculpture of the cloth effect. Finally, I will burn it and sand it creating an interesting texture, and getting rid of the imperfections of the carving. Finally, I will tell you my secret to hold the second piece inside the bigger one and how to make it look like it was there the whole time!

Texturing with a woodburner :

In this demonstration I will texture a piece of wood using the woodburner to carve and create an illusion of a different material. I will show you how to create a steampunk design (metal plates, gears, screws…) but also show rapidly how to make the wood look like stone, eggshell, leather… This demonstration is about showing the possibility of the woodburner used to carve and not just draw on the wood, and then how to use acrylic paints and the dry brushing to color the pattern created to make the illusion as close to reality as it can get.

The French tools ! :

In this demonstration I will show you different techniques using different tools that are part of the traditional French woodturning. I will start with the roughing gouge, explaining the advantages of this gouge over a bowl gouge and when you should or should not use it. I will follow with using the bedan as a very effective parting tool, then I will show you how to use it for shaping and why it is the best tools for spindle turning and traditional turning. I will also show you how to use the skew to make longer shapes like on a table leg, and explain why it makes the best and cleanest surface.

I will also demonstrate how to use the spindle gouge both for spindle turning and for hollowing end-grain. I will use it for sheer scraping and I will show you the upper cut to make a shaving and rough out a hollowing extremely fast and effortlessly.

This demonstration will be focused on technique and safety, I will only show you exercises so you can have the best understanding of the movement of the tools and of the body to use them as efficiently as you can.

Candle holder in excentric : (Not available at the moment)

In this demonstration I will show you how to turn a little end-grain bowl out of green wood, and how to use the Escoulen Chuck N°3 to cut several notches. The bowl will rest on the side with a candle inside and light passing through the cuts will create a nice effect.

I will be using different tools to show you a wide range of techniques for woodturners of every level, the spindle gouge and the bedan to shape the outside, then the skew to make the cuts in excentric, and finally the spindle gouge, scrapers and the bowl gouge to hollow the end-grain using different techniques like the upper cut. This demonstration will be centered on techniques and safety, I want you to learn as much I can show you and understand the basics of the Escoulen chuck to be able to use it safely at home.

Escoulen chuck N°3 : (Not available at the moment)

In this demonstration I will be showing you how to use the Escoulen chuck N°3 with two little projects :

-Using the bedan and a parting tool, to create a foot for another piece or a masterpiece in itself.

-Turning of a three sided piece for a box or a vase using the roughing gouge.

This demonstration will focus on how to use the chuck safely, how to offset a piece of wood and create steps on a single offset circle. For that I will use a whiteboard to explain the process of excentric and to allow the audience to understand how to measure, draw and figure out how to set up the chuck to create what they can imagine.

Therming jig and the manta rays : (Not available at the moment)

In this demonstration I will be using a homemade therming jig to turn three manta rays at the same time. I will show you how to safely mount your pieces on it, balancing them to be able to turn at a decent speed without risks. Then I will turn three sides of the piece and create the back, the belly and the head of the creature. The side of the stinger will be cut at the bandsaw because it is the most dangerous part. I will show you how to refine the shape and explain how to make the stinger out of green wood and the process of bending it.

As always, safety will be the main focus of the demonstration.

Useful links relating to what I am demonstrating or using during my demonstrations :

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  1. Laurent,

    I’ve watched 3 or 4 of your demos for myself, mostly through Trent’s website, but I’m also program manager and VP for an Ohio woodturning club (COW -Central Ohio Woodturners,) so I would like to know what your price is for a an IRD demo. I’m actively planning for 2021, all on line.

    I’ve greatly enjoyed your demos, by the way, and learned a good deal.


    tOm R

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