Plouf! #2

The Plouf! are a series of pieces inspired by the Ploc! They are inspired by Alice in wonderland and Aladin. The first Ploc! were made for an exhibition of the POP (professional outreach program) on the theme ‘classical form revisited ». I decided to revisit the teapot, keeping a classical shape but changing the scale, making them much smaller and have the drop of tea as a base, coming out of the spout. The first Ploufs werecreated with a teapot the size of a traditionnal Chineese teapot for 1 person (2″ in diameter) and the drop enlarged as well. The second Ploufs! had miniature teapots stacked like a teatree, making them more whimsical. The teapots are made out of ash, sandblasted, dyed with Indian ink and gilding wax. The handles are made out of wires wrapped with a coton string. The drops are made out of several woods like cypress or wild cherry, and with different finish, natural, burnt, painted with acrylics or gilded with a gilding wax.

Dimensions :

  • Height 9”
  • Length 7”
  • Diameter of the drop 4 5/16″
  • Diameter of the teapots roughly 1″

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