Tea in bloom

This piece was made in collaboration with american artist Cynthia Gibson. It is made out of holly. I made the teapot and the drop coming out of it, and Cynthia created the floral design with pyrography, paints and gold leaf. We talked about collaborating on a piece over a year ago, and we waited for the idea to mature.We decided to work on the drop coming out of the tiny teapot and decorate it with a floral pattern and with that make the connection with the tea. I started the piece by turning and hollowing the teapot, then I turned and carved the drop, I sanded both of them until I had a perfectly smooth and shiny surface. Then I shipped the pieces across the ocean to Cynthia so she can decorate it with pyrography, paints, gold leaf, and a little bit of magic.

If you want to learn more about Cynthia, I invite you to check out her website :

You can also follow her on instagram : @cynthiacgibson

Dimensions :

  • Length 3”
  • Width 3”
  • Height 5 1/2”

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