Bad Day

This sculpture is a bit different from the other rifts, because this time, instead of having a pick at what is underneath the cloth, it is what is underneath that can have a look at our side of the universe. The cloth is made out of mapple, turned and hollowed on the lathe, carved with powertools and gouges, and burned with a blowtorch. Then it was sanded and burned again before being dyied with Indian ink and waxed. This process make the piece of wood look like a black cloth, using the grain of the wood as the fibers of the cloth. The central piece is also mapple, painted with white spray paint, on which a drop of Indian ink was projected by the centrifugal force of the lathe.

Dimensions :

  • Height 1 3/16”
  • Width 5 1/8”
  • Length 5 1/2”

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