Celsius 232

I created this piece for an exhibition on the theme « Ce soir… sans écrin » . It is a play on word meaning literally Tonight, no screen, with the word screen spelled as setting. So I decided that if have no screen tonight, you need to read a book, a book that is also a setting for a piece of jewellery or a special object.

The book as been turned, hollowed and painted on the lathe, then carved and textured using powertools, rotary tools and pyrography to resemble a book with a leather binding. The feather has been carved on the bandsaw, then carved and textured with rotary tools and pyrography, and finally dyed using Indian ink and acrylic paints with the dry brush technique.

Dimensions :

  • Height 4 11/16”
  • Width 7 1/2”
  • Length 9”

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