Demonstrations in Paris for AAF

Wednesday 18th 2018, I will be in Paris in the workshop of the “viaduc des arts” 55 Daumesnil avenue from 2.30pm to 5.30pm.

I will be turning and hollowing a miniature teapot, coloring it using Indian ink and gilding wax. I will turn a very thin piece called a “trembleur” and probably something multi-axis, if I have enough time. You can also enjoy the amazing exhibition that “Atelier d’Arts de France” put together called “expression bois” including 20 artists from France and Switzerland.

In this exhibition : Antoine Annézo, Benoît Averly, Bernard Azéma, Georges Baudot, Jérôme Blanc, Pierre Bouillot, Jean-Claude Charpignon, Jean-Dominique Denis, Jacques Essermeant, Jean-Louis Fayolle, Vivien Grandouiller, Natacha Heitz, Daniel Kaag, Hubert Landri, Jean Pascal Lheureux, Yann Marot, Jocelyne Naigeon, Christophe Nancey, Laurent Niclot, Pascal Oudet

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