Lapiaz II

This mural is born out of the trash of my workshop. It is the end of a plank wich started to crack during the drying. To avoid the wood to split further, we put piece of metal called a crocodile in french. When the wood is dry, we take of 2 inches of wood to avoid damaging the blades of the bandsaw.

I decided to give a new life to this piece of wood by changing the shape and highlighting the defect making it special and unique. I cut the shapes of two merged almonds with a bandsaw and carved grooves between each wave of the crocodile to symbolize the flow of water in a lapiaz. I textured and burned the grooves of the one on the right with a wire brush and a blowtorch. The one on the left was sandblasted. The sculpture is then fixed on a black background that can be fixed on the wall.

Dimensions :

  • Height 2 3/8”
  • Width 7 7/8”
  • Length 18 1/8”

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