Metalic Eledones

The eledones are little vases resting on their side, they are meant to hold tillandsias, daughters of the wind, plants that don’t require dirt to grow. The plant is just inserted in the vase, this way you can pull it out to water it or let it sit in water for a little while before letting it dry and putting it back in the vase.

The vases are made out of green wood, freshly cut, hollowing the wood to warp after the turning and giving the vases a strange ovoid shape. The metalic effect is achieved with Indian ink and gilding wax (chromagilt) and finished with a lacquer. It can be vaporized without being damaged and the plant doesn’t need to sit in water so the wood is safe. If you leave water in the vase there is a risk of it cracking though!

Dimensions of the vases (average) :

  • Diameter between 2 3/8″ and 3 1/8″

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