The teapots interactive remote demo

I have been asked recently by Trent Bosch to do demonstrations remotly from my workshop in France, adapting our work to the current situation. Since the beginning of this crisis, I did several demonstrations for his website (virtual woodturning demos) and also for local clubs in America. I have refined the equipments and found a good balance between easy to use and pleasant to watch. This demo will be live on July 21st at 9am Mountain time and it will be on the making of a miniature teapot, it will be a demo on its own, but if you are interested, it will be followed by another demo on August 4th, showing you how to make a drop. Combining those two demonstrations will show you how to make one of my signature piece, the Ploc! If you cannot attend one of the demos, you can check them out later in the archived demonstrations section of the virtual woodturning demos website.

In this demonstration I will be turning a miniature teapot (approximately an inch) using the bedan and showing how to use it with the bevel up for spindle turning, I will hollow the teapot with homemade hollowing tools (allen wrenches). Then I will turn the lid and the spout (magnifiers not included) and color the teapot using Indian ink and gilding wax to create the damascus steel effect. Finally, I will show you how the make the handle using a wire and a cotton string on the lathe. These teapots are a really fun project, not too complicated and not requiring too much wood so you can easily make several attempts if it doesn’t work on the first try. You can display them alone, stacked as a Tea-Tree, or on a drop.

For more informations and to register, go check out Virtual Woodturning Demos website :

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